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Image of Kirsten at Koru Therapies in Redcliffs, Christchurch doing dry needling during remedial massage therapy.
Dry Needling

Dry needling is incorporated into a remedial massage treatment. It assists in reducing muscle pain, treats trigger points, referred pain and restores function to overworked and injured muscles. 

Dry needling is a westernized approach to acupuncture dealing with musculoskeletal issues and is designed to provide therapeutic relief from muscular pain and tightness. The primary aim is to address neuromuscular conditions to help improve flexibility, speed up recovery and increase your range of motion. 

Dry needling can assist you by reducing chronic tight muscles due to overuse, past injuries or finally treat that nagging tendonitis you just can't get relief from.


The acupuncture needles used are very fine and cause very little discomfort and you will be surprised with how effective the relief is that results from this treatment. 

Dry needling is an effective addition to your treatment and is utilized within remedial massage sessions. Results can be seen in as little as seven minutes from this therapy. 

Dry needling is a must for tennis elbow, golfer's elbow, frozen shoulder, rotator cuff injury, sciatica and muscular overuse, tightness or injury. 

60 minute treatment - $120.00

45 minute treatment - $100.00

30 minute treatment - $80.00

Note: each treatment includes dry needling with remedial massage.

Image of New Zealand ferns and korus, a background for Koru Therapies, Christchurch massage therapy clinic.
Kirsten was my third attempt at repairing my tennis elbow, my doctor said it could take up to two years, well I wasn't having a bar of that. Kirsten was amazing and with her dry needling treatment and her deep tissue massage, I returned to playing tennis just after month three. 

- Grant

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