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Chronic pain is not just about the biomechanical problem or the site of pain or injury, it is also about the bio emotional issues that can contribute to long term pain. This can include stress, anxiety and disordered sleep. 

Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state, where the analytical and conscious mind meets and makes use of the mind-body connection to identify how our thoughts and feelings can influence our physical and mental health. 

Hypnotherapy uses deep relaxation and visualization techniques to guide you into a state of peacefulness, like mediation. This is when our brain produces alpha brainwaves that promote relaxation, through focused attention and suggestibility your mind can achieve thought transformation. 

 This state allows the subconscious mind to be reprogrammed and become more receptive to ideas and guides you to identify underlying emotional factors that can contribute to lingering issues, limiting behaviours or beliefs that are no longer serving you. By working directly with your unconscious mind, hypnotherapy can create changes on a deeper level that can naturally help you manage pain, stress, anxiety or sleep disorders.  

Chronic stress can severely affect your life and hypnotherapy can be highly effective in helping you cope with pain, stress and anxiety. Hypnotherapy can put you in a highly relaxed meditative state, carefully designed to help you manage and reduce your stress levels that can have a marked improvement with chronic pain symptoms. Sleep disturbances or insomnia will also contribute to chronic pain. Hypnotherapy can help you change negative thought patterns or habits relating to sleep so you can initiate and maintain healthy sleep patterns. 

Hypnotherapy is a highly effective treatment that can help support your return to health and wellbeing by tapping into your natural unconscious resources.  

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