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What to Expect

Image of Kirsten at Koru Therapies in Redcliffs, Christchurch doing movement therapy.

Please download and fill out the client health form prior to your appointment.

For New Clients

Kirsten will...

  • Assess your case and gather information from your health and injury history

  • Focus on corrective bodywork and movement, typically you will perform a series of movements and muscle testing assessments, which help identify what needs treating

  • Create a treatment plan that is specific to you and your goals

  • During your treatment you will be asked to get up, walk, stand or move to see how the corrections made on the table are reflected in your body.

  • This does not always require any clothing removal. Active wear is recommended

  • Rehab training concludes your treatment with the breakdown of exercises to complement the session, These are demonstrated and assigned as part of the corrective homework, which empowers you to heal yourself

  • Please note that if you are not looking for corrective bodywork but just wish to receive a therapeutic massage, this can be available for you.

This is a professional client-therapist relationship and all health details will remain confidential

Following your Treatment

  • Refrain from heavy activities and physical exertion for 12 hours

  • Apply heat as advised 

  • Muscular soreness can be normal after your treatment but should ease after 1-2 days

  • Please keep in touch if you have any concerns

Get relief from your pain & injuries

* If you're unsure which service to book, please contact Kirsten directly on 027-332-0214 or to discuss. 

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