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Image of Kirsten at Koru Therapies in Redcliffs, Christchurch doing scar tissue therapy.
Scar Tissue Therapy

Surgical scar tissue and scar formation from surgery or injury can affect movement patterns resulting in pain and movement restrictions long after the scar has healed.


Using manual therapy techniques on a healed scar can reduce pain and restore mobility to the site of injury. 

Scar tissue is a natural result of any injury or surgery and always consists of emotional, physiological, and structural components. Long after the scar has healed the site of trauma continues, scars can interrupt the flow of neurofeedback affecting movement patterns of the body. This response typically creates pain or causes dysfunction in joints or muscles. 

Treatments are simple, quick, and very effective and address the fascial distortions underlying the scar not just the superficial scar. This includes identifying and clearing the sources of faulty information in and around the scar. This improves the appearance of the scar and results in pain free movement. 

30 minute treatment - $65.00

Image of New Zealand ferns and korus, a background for Koru Therapies, Christchurch massage therapy clinic.
I have been a client of Kirsten for some years. Most recently she has been treating me following a knee replacement which did not heal properly.  Her treatment greatly assisted my recovery and she was very helpful with recommending exercises which have enabled me to progress much better than I had thought would have been possible.  In the early stages of recovery her treatment provided a great deal of pain relief and eased the scarring. She is a therapist who cares about her clients' wellbeing.

- Ruperte

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