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Image of Kirsten at Koru Therapies in Redcliffs, Christchurch doing neurokinetic therapy.
Neurokinetic Therapy

Neurokinetic Therapy will find and treat the cause of your pain, not just your symptoms.


Assessing and treating your dysfunctional movements can help speed up your recovery from injury and help prevent further injury in the future. 

Neurokinetic Therapy will find and treat the cause of your pain, not just your symptoms. 


You are unique; your nervous system and injury history are specific to only you, therefore no two treatments are alike. For example, your back pain may be coming from an old ankle injury or a childhood scar. This is how you will find longer lasting relief and be able to move pain free.  


Sessions include a consultation, muscle testing, soft tissue treatment and exercise prescriptions. 

60 minute treatment - $115.00

45 minute treatment - $95.00

Image of New Zealand ferns and korus, a background for Koru Therapies, Christchurch massage therapy clinic.
I have been seeing Kirsten for about a year for chronic pain related to advanced osteoarthritis in both shoulders. I had exhausted most other traditional avenues for dealing with these issues. Through a combination of NeuroKinetic Therapy, remedial exercises and massage, Kirsten has enabled me to cease all pain medication and enjoy participating in my sport again with increased mobility. Kirsten offers a professional and client-focused approach to treatment and achieves amazing results.

- Rachel

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