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Neurokinetic therapy

Are you struggling with ongoing pain, rehabilitation or movement?

If so neurokinetic therapy is for you. This exciting new therapy combines the motor control centre of the brain, which directs and coordinates posture and movement, and manual muscle testing. This can identify and correct compensation patterns that cause persistent pain.

If you are getting only temporarily relief from massage then the treatment may only be treating the symptom and not the cause.

This is where neurokinetic therapy differs from other types of therapy as the cause can be identified through muscle testing and can be treated effectively and painlessly.

Movement patterns are stored in the brain, these patterns can be altered after injury, surgery or after sustained repetition of movement. The brain will then develop subconscious ways to compensate for the altered patterns and does whatever it can to perform the desired movements. This is called functional dysfunction and over time this dysfunction or compensation patterns will evolve into prolonged pain.

Neurokinetic therapy identifies the muscles that are not functioning optimally or under active and those that are over active that form a compensation pattern. The overactive muscles are released through deep tissue massage techniques and the under

active muscles are retrained and activated through strengthening exercises. This gives balance and stability back into the region of pain and allows the brain to access a missing pathway to reduce ongoing pain and dysfunction.

Neurokinetic therapy is the key to sustained relief of ongoing pain.

Get relief from your pain & injuries

* If you're unsure which service to book, please contact Kirsten directly on 027-332-0214 or to discuss. 

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