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When and what massage is best for runners

When I think of marathon training or general running my muscles ache at the thought. Whether you are training for an event or just love pounding the streets, an essential component of your recovery and conditioning is massage therapy.

There are many options of massage for all types of runners which can speed up recovery, reduce muscle soreness and fatigue. The deeper the massage (I'm not talking pressure but accessing the deeper structures) the treatment will take the body longer to respond and recover. So, scheduling a massage treatment is crucial between intensive training and intensive massage treatments such as deep tissue massage. And timing for pre and post event with a sports massage treatment will allow your body and mind to be in peak condition.

Sports massage will manipulate soft tissue, this includes ligaments, tendons, and fascia. This is a targeted technique that will assist in injury prevention and management, along with tailored pre and post event treatment, or simply regular maintenance, making it especially beneficial for runners. Techniques in sports massage will improve performance, increasing flexibility and function therefore reducing the risk of injury.

A deep tissue massage can be either a targeted specific treatment or a broadly intensive massage focusing on specific effects of deeper muscular structures to address adhesion and stiffness that can limit range of motion and performance. Deep tissue massage is best avoided a few days before an event as it requires time to heal post treatment.

Swedish massage is great for runners especially after an event as it's a gentle and less targeted treatment than a sports massage or deep tissue massage. This technique is utilized to reduce muscle tension and increase circulation aiding in recovery. This allows runners to

re-energize and recover post event.

Any type of massage treatment whether its sports massage, deep tissue massage or Swedish massage are all therapeutic and are essential for recovery and injury prevention for runners. It's all about timing and when to use the right kind of massage to gain the most benefits.

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